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Its easy listening qualities and multi-emotional effect seems to accumulate towards an album which is most peaceful and simply delightful.

Having spent a substantial period with Elton John just as his career took off, this early exposure to the razzle-dazzle world of the Rocket Man must certainly have left a positive impression on her even to this day as this album demonstrates what a beautiful and perceptive UK soul artist Diana Johnstone is.

Although I’ve not yet seen her live, I imagine her on-stage performances to be soul-quenching due to her intense and dedicated approach to singing as demonstrated throughout on this ten song album. The finest song of the album has to be ‘So Sweet‘ the simple reason may be that it is just astonishing from the start as a wide and vast number of genres have been emerged together in the same boat which make for a mighty fine pleasure to row.

Don’t Cry‘ has an increasingly realistic feel about it due to the impressive nature of Diana’s vocals and the style in which this song is approached. If this is not enough to please the masses, then ‘The Wave‘ will surely have the crowd agreeing in unison about how tremendous Diana is. The eighth song, the calming sound which has been present the whole time seems to shine through so much more.

Not having heard of Diana’s work before, such an oversight will certainly be eradicated as her name is one which you do not forget in a hurry due to her superb talent.