Diana on song writing and performing

Diana says:

“I try to write songs which reach to the quiet space inside and if my songs move people then the music is working its magic.
The entertainment aspect is more in-between the songs for me, with the telling of stories and relating to the audience that way.
Amazingly more stories often dovetail-in and it all helps keep things alive and fresh.

I hope that hearing my singing voice is another part of the experience… with all it’s ancient primal connections, the voice is a powerful instrument.. though I don’t think it’s a unique gift, hopefully anyone can find their own voice.

I have learned how much work it takes to be a performer and I have much respect for those who’ve been on the road all their adult lives from Old Folkies to Kylie! You give a lot of energy and maybe it’s the journey you go on as a songwriter/performer that helps you develop as a person as well.

Sometimes you feel like you’re not going to make it and it feels too big a task! I started late in my life, which is why I don’t take it lightly, but songwriting is such a great creative thing and a joy to be able to do it after dreaming it for so long.

The quest is to write one great song that touches people, I guess that’s the Holy Grail of all songwriters and what keeps us going!
That and to be invited to connect with people in the kind of intimate spaces I love to play in. A real privilege.”